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I could tell you about how I’ve had a camera in my hand since birth and all that gushy stuff but what I really want to share with you is my passion for art-whether it is a small flower on the side of the road, kids playing in the playground, an old rusty VW (love these!!), fun shots in and around where I live and images of my life and your life.
I freeze moments in time.
Over the years after graduating college in North Carolina, I have had fun photographing my family’s travels, my daughter growing up and my animals-2 dogs, 2 cats, fish, bunny and horses. We are a Delta Airline family and have the privilege to visit some great places all over the world. I started studying at The Showcase School of Photography after my beloved bought me a digital SLR four years ago that I could only shoot in auto. I have a problem with users manuals!! After a couple of classes my work grew and I have had the opportunity to take some amazing shots of friends, families and now clients.
I hope you enjoy my galleries-I also believe photographs should be affordable, especially in this economy. You can order right from my site and whatever you order will be sent right to your home (without the watermark, of course).

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Thank you for believing in me and for helping me grow my business!


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